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League Constitution page 1

CONSTITUTIONGENERAL NOTES:This Constitution implemented as of 10 04 2010 and signed on each page by the Chairperson at the time of implementation will be held by each Team Captain and makes void all and any former Constitutions drawn up in the name of the S.P.C.L.1TITLE1.1The League shall be called SOUTH PEMBROKESHIRE CLAY LEAGUE (S.P.C.L.) hereafter to be referred to as "The League" and shall be affiliated to the Welsh Clay Target Shooting Association (W.C.T.S.A.) Governing Body.2OBJECTS2.1To foster and promote the sport of Clay Pigeon shooting at all levels and in all disciplines covered by The League, providing opportunities for recreation and competition.3MEMBERSHIP8.2The following are eligible for membership:3.2.1Those who hold a current fully certified Shotgun Licence. Details of which are to be held by individual Team Captains.3.2.2 Membership of the League shall be open to any person completing a membership application form and paying the relevant subscription/joining fee as determined by the Annual General Meeting of the League Members.3.3There shall be 5 classes of full membership available. These are: 3.2.1Super Veteran(over 75 yrs as of the 1st Jan in the current year) 3.2.2Veteran (over 60 as of the 1st Jan in the current year)3.2.3Adult (over 18 as of the 1st Jan in the current year)3.2.4Junior (16 ~ 18 as of the 1st Jan in the current year)3.2.5Colt (Under 16 as of the 1st Jan in the current year)4EXPULSION OF MEMBERS4.1Members of the League whose conduct is inappropriate or who decline to abide by any of the Rules or Bylaws may be expelled or suspended by a resolution passed at a meeting of the Captains Committee where their entrance fee and subscriptions may be forfeited. Members shall have the right to appeal in person to the Captains Committee with regard to any decision affecting themselves, provided that notice of such appeal be submitted to the Secretary, in writing, within seven days of notification of the decision.

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