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League Rules

South Pembs Clay League Club Rules 1.GENERAL NOTES:1.1.These Rules implemented as of 10.04.2010 and signed on each page by the Chairperson at the time of implementation will be held by each Team Captain and makes void all and any former rules drawn up in the name of the S.P.C.L.2.REGISTRATION2.1.Only full completed team registrations and annual subscriptions submitted to the Treasurer and names to the Fixture/Results Secretary on or before the 31st October will be permitted to submit a contributing score on behalf of a team. Back dated cheques or payments will not be acceptable. Non contributing score shooters will still be allowed to shoot at league fixtures but only as guests. At the registration meeting each year each team must submit the name of their elected Captain, vice Captain, Landlord and provide shotgun certificate numbers for all their registered shooters. Once registered with a team an SPCL member cannot move to another team, in the league, for the duration of that season. 3.SAFETY3.1.Each Team Captain will carry out a Risk Assessment prior to the commencement of each new competition year.3.2.Each Team Captain will submit a copy of his Grounds Risk Assessment to be held on file by the Secretary. At the commencement of each league fixture it is the responsibility of the competing Captains or their nominated member to agree that the ground is safe to shoot and that all relevant warning signs and barriers where required are in place.3.3.Safety Glasses and hearing protection must be worn at all S.P.C.L. events.4.TEAM MEMBERSHIP4.1.Teams will consist of all SPCL registered shooters with the highest 7 scoring shooters counting for the teams total score(additional reserves may shoot as the discretion of the 2 captains) and all shoots will commence at 10:00 am unless agreed by Captains concerned.4.2.A Guest shooting at a league meeting may only shoot twice at the same ground in any one season.5.SHOOT MAKE UP5.1.A shoot will consist of 40 clays thrown in any combination and each team will score according to the total number of clays killed. 2 points will be awarded for an away win and 1 point for a home win. 6.MATCH SCORING6.1.Once the participating Captains have signed the score sheets there will be no recourse.6.2.The Captain’s (or nominated member’s) decision is final on the day.6.3.Once the participating Captains have signed the score sheets before leaving the shooting ground there will be no further recourse.6.4.In the event of a tied match a shoot off is to be agreed by the Captains or their nominated member. The Captains or their nominated member will select one

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