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team member to shoot off in an agreed format by the Captains or their nominated member.In the event of a tie followed by a shoot off, where the tie is then shown to be in error(i.e. checks by Results Secretary) then the score prior to the shoot off will stand and the shoot off considered void. 7.CANCELLED EVENTSIn the case of cancelled matches (except for inclement weather) notification must be given to the opposing team at least 48 hrs in advance. Cancelled matches must be shot at a mutually agreed time and must be completed before a further shoot is cancelled. If an away team has refused on two separate occasions then the final date for the re-arranged shoot will be referred back to the next available Captains Meeting who will decide on the date the rearranged shoot must take place. If the shoot still does not take place then the home team will be awarded the points. 8.TYPE OF CARTRIDGE8.1.Felt wads only may be used. Failure to comply will result in immediate disqualification.9.LEAGUE INSURANCE9.1.Any claim submitted against insurance must have previously been submitted to the Captains Committee9.1.1.No claim against the League insurance may be made without the backing of the Captains Committee9.1.2.The Captains Committee must assess the claim against the Risk Assessment held on file for that Ground.9.1.3.Once agreed that the claim may proceed the claim must be made through the Secretary.

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